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Council control of poles set to benefit all

Posted On February 14, 2017

THE SMART technology options for Ipswich are set to be enhanced with the council now owning the street lighting and poles in new residential developments.

Owning the poles sounds like a drab old affair, but it is far from that with the council now having the capacity to roll out community wi-fi through the change.

City planning boss Cr Andrew Antoniolli said that did not mean that community wi-fi would be rolled out from day dot, but that the opportunities were endless.

Cr Antoniolli said the poles were an infrastructure item located in every street and that the council could hang off them numerous smart technologies that would be beneficial to the community.

"Previously the poles were mandated within development approvals but they would go to Energex or whoever the provider was to maintain," he said.

"We now have taken over the ownership of the poles and they are really important real estate with respect to technology.

"Worldwide they are being used to hang off other technologies whether it be cameras, wi-fi or sensors for movement so you can save money so they come on due to a needs basis.

"The options from smart technology perspective are unlimited, even with respect to using them for traffic control.

"The LED lights themselves will also be brighter and more energy efficient than traditional street lights, improving safety and security."

"Taking control of street lighting and poles means council will be able to incorporate various elements of the Ipswich Smart City Blueprint."

He said mobile connectivity and data communications for residents would be improved, along with LED lighting which make streets both brighter and safer and are more energy efficient.

Cr Antoniolli said that when council didn't own the poles they had to pay to hang smart technologies off them and go through red tape and bureaucracy to do so.

He said developers put the poles in to all new estates and that the council was looking at options to own the poles in older estates.


Source: The Queensland Times

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11-12 September 2018

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Melbourne, VIC, Australia



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